Historical Address Geocoder (HAG-GIS) 1.0.0

Dr Konstantinos Daras (2015)

Other information: The Historical Address Geocoder (HAG-GIS) is a Python 2.7 program for automating the geocoding process for the Digitising Scotland project. The geocoding process involves fuzzy-matching historical records with contemporary addresses. This automating system takes into account spatial information deriving from historical administrative data improving the accuracy of the geocoded historical addresses and producing geography boundaries at small administrative scales where geographical boundaries are not available. This software is open source. The HAG-GIS software is a core tool for the geocoding process of Digitising Scotland project which has the potential to be of high impact in a variety of different fields, whether it is simply the digitisation of the records or the further coding and linking of the data. It will allow researchers to study events for some 18 million individuals over 150 years of events allowing the quantification of change in the important characteristics of Scottish society over time and space.

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